Social Media Tips & Tricks for Travel Agencies

Social Media has come as a boon for businesses. A testament to this statement cannot be more suitable than themselves, as they begin to harness the digital space for increasing their reach by running campaigns. However, there’s always more to the reality than meets the eye!

It might be the case that you are not able to harness the full potential of social media just because you are missing out on some tools to aid you in marketing. In this blog, we will discuss some of those social media tools which can help you manage your online space efficiently.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with the very first tool:


Sounds like fashion something? No, the abbreviation expands to “If This Then That.” This social media tool helps you save time by automating all your essential online tasks. It does that by creating functions, so different apps can work together.

To understand the concept, if you post a blog on your website, IFTTT will create a function so information about the same update can be posted on your other social media handle like Twitter, automatically. It prevents you from preparing a new post altogether for different platforms, therefore saving you time.


There’s nothing more attractive than a beautiful image crafted with precision. And this tool on number 2 of our list makes it possible.

Visuals are something that grabs immediate attention. Remember reading through books during the primary grade. The same concept of why visuals make an impact on our mind works here as well. Canva creates beautiful visuals within no time. You can choose from a whole array of customizable layouts to design visuals and improve your Social media posts. When you have beautiful visuals supporting your webpage or blog, nothing is stopping the users from coming over and pay a visit. Result? Increased web traffic, and that too, organic!


Adding Hashtags to social media posts is the new trend social media is experiencing at present. You add a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and add a hashtag. #Chilling #Vacation #Reading #Blog, and hashtag so on.

Well, this tricky concept of the hashtag is beneficial for those looking to increase their web traffic and reach. And RiteTag does the same. It lets you analyze the most trending hashtags and adds it to your posts so a large number of like-minded individuals can see your post without you having to spend extra time on mindless marketing techniques.


Remember that blog or Instagram page which posts funny and engaging content every day? Yes, users feel the same way after they are fed with exciting posts regularly. If you have engaging content on your page, readers are bound to pay a visit. And Feedly helps you do just that.

Using Feedly, you can find great content from a variety of sources based on your preferences. You can also add feeds from other sites in a variety of styles, including blogs, publications, and YouTube channels as well.

The final word

Creating an engaging and user-enticing social media campaign can be a difficult task for many. However, these tools make your SEO Agency Campaign and digital marketing experience seamless.




Post Author: Katrina Willis